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Racinne - brochure suite

  • Luxury printed brochure suite. Omnia paper
  • Gold foiling
  • litho printing
  • Omnia stext paper
  • Brass staples, Brass stitches, brass wire stitches
  • Designer: Bob Design
    Size: Brochures x 3: 240x170mm
    Pagination: 16pp self cover brochures (covers 8pp)
    Materials: 120gsm Omnia
    Process: 4 Colour process throughout
    Finishing: Brochures foiled with Foilco 6006. Wire stitched with brass wire

    We have just received our file copies of the brochures. They all look really beautiful! Thank you so much for your great work on this. It really is beautifully printed and produced.

    Thanks and best wishes . . .

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