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Creative Business Cards

  • Edge Painted Business Card
  • Triplexed Business card, Colorplan
  • Clear foil Business card Keaykolour
  • Letterpress business card longhorn
  • Fluorescent Green Edge Painted business card
  • Cranes Crest Letterpress business Card
  • Litho Silver triplexed Savile Row Plain Dark Grey
  • Designer: Various Designers
    Size: Generally 55x85mm but any size possible
    Materials: Various: Colorplan, Sirio, Eco Kraft, Keaykolour
    Process: Litho, Foil Blocked, Deboss, Emboss, Letterpress
    Finishing: Duplexed, Triplexed, Quadraplexed! Edge Painted, Laminated

    Thank you so much for dropping the cards off today. Really impressed with the finished result! I look forward to handing them out.

    Our business cards - they’ve arrived and… (drum roll)…
    We LOVE them, they’re great.
    Thanks very much for getting this lot to us in time, the guys can’t wait to give them out at their meeting later.
    But more importantly, my mum will love mine! :o)
    Please pass on our thanks to your team, you’ve done us proud again.

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